Tommy Guerrero Soul Food Taqueria

It was ages ago that anyone would have thought about Guerrero’s stint with the Bones Brigade when the musician’s name was dropped. The former pro skater turned many heads when he opened the doors on his musical career with the fantastic A Little Bit of Somethin’ three years ago. If anyone thought that was a fluke, then wait until you hear what Guerrero has cooked up for an encore. Soul Food Taqueria is exactly what one anticipates in a follow-up record as the California beat-maker and multi-talented musician takes things up a peg and improves on his chilled-out Latin grooves and organic hip-hop undertones. Not only has he improved his production skills, but Guerrero seems to have increased the complexity of his instrumentation. He’s nailed the fine art of taking something as minimal as a gorgeous acoustic solo and blending it with the softest drums, yet creating such a full sound that you can’t help but fall in love with. He’s also capable of laying down the odd funky jam as well like "Thin Brown Layer” with its stripped-down live hip-hop groove and deep bass lines. Guerrero’s songwriting advancement was apparent on his Junk Collector EP that was dropped during the creation of this record and a couple of those tracks have made their way onto Soul Food Taquiera, including downright hectic "Organism” with Gresham Taylor, who also lends his folk vocals to "It Gets Heavy.” Also along for the ride is amazing Lyrics Born of Latyrx who croons so well over one of this records funkiest cuts, "Getting It Together.” Just when you didn’t think things could improve, the album closes out with "Falling Awake,” possibly the most beautiful song Guerrero’s written to date. This is easily going to be one of the soundtrack of the summer. This record pours so much heart and emotion into it that you’re bound to feel its warmth and splendor while it’s bumping in your walkman as you trek the city streets. (Mo' Wax)