Tommy Guerrero Junk Collector

Rather than make us all wait for a full-length follow-up to A Little Bit of Somethin', former pro-skater Tommy Guerrero has unleashed this collaboration with Gadget and now a few tiny jams in the form of an EP. Junk Collector is a little treasure, for it's the San Francisco native's sole creation - taking on the duties of not only a songwriter and total instrumental duties, but having full control as to how the finished product sounds. Even though his works with Gadget, in the form of last year's Hoy Yen Ass'n, are exceptional, it's when Guerrero is taking full control of the ship that he truly shines. "Sea Sick" is a hypnotic gem comprised of chunky guitar plucks and jazz-coated drums similar to Portishead that drags the listener along a dusty musical trail. "Terra Unifirma" starts of with a chilled-out hip-hop beat reminiscent of some early '90s masterpieces, ending the EP on an appealing note. If there's anything negative to say about Junk Collector, it's only that it's not nearly long enough, but definitely a good tease until Guerrero drops a long-playe (Mo' Wax)