Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno Finding Shore

Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno Finding Shore
As a member of London, England band Three Trapped Tigers, Tom Rogerson blends an invigorating mix of noise-rock, math rock and heady electronic music. On Finding Shore, the immortal Brian Eno helps bring out the beauty, resourcefulness and simplicity of the keyboardist's sound.
Meeting outside a bathroom after a concert, Rogerson and Eno bonded over the vast, heartland landscapes of their Eastern England upbringings, and sought to capture that serenity over the album's 13 tracks. Rogerson does all of the tactile work here, playing the piano and synths that largely make up the album, while Eno set the musician up with a piece of equipment called the 'Piano Bar,' designed to break the piano notes into midi signals that the elder musician would then manipulate.
The results find Rogerson and Eno working with a plethora of sounds, as no two tracks sound quite alike. The duo play a stickily cascading score on "Motion in Field," display naked piano virtuosity on "One-ness," dabble in post-electro ambience on "The Gabbard" and make humming synth explorations on "Chain Home."
Many avant-garde instrumental albums exist to strictly craft a mood, and Tom Rogerson and Brian Eno somehow seem to merge these moods, sounds and themes together effortlessly and radiantly on Finding Shore. (Dead Oceans)