Tipsy Tipsy Remix Party

Last year's bizarre release from Tipsy, Uh-Oh, was a cross between theme music for Japanese children's shows and over-the-top '60s lounge. At times there was some signs of intrigue, but the gimmick did in fact end to wear thin. The duo from San Francisco have now given out their tracks to producers from Las Vegas to Tokyo to take an opportunity to rework their madness into new forms. For the most part, the originals' unusual qualities are preserved, which is a shame for this would be an opportunity for artists to completely make these tracks their own and transform them into something that only vaguely resembles Tipsy. Some tracks are even more outrageous than previously released, such as Seksu Roba's transformation of "Wig Out," which is just downright unbearable in places. Then workings take on the opposite affect like the beautiful remix of "Flying Monkey Fist" by Teat Scene, singling out the plucked strings and keeping a smooth down tempo rhythm or Curd Duca's soft ambient take on "Mr. Excitement." In fact, the tracks that stand out as Tipsy's finest tend to get the best tinkering from fellow DJs, possibly because the direction is already laid out for them. A lack of imagination spoils this opportunity. (Asphodel)