Tipsy Buzz

Making the switch to Ipecac may seem strange for the lounge-adelic electronics of Tipsy but given the kind of noir, cinematic music that label has embraced in the last few years, it make senses. In a way, Tipsy haven't changed at all in their dozen years of existence. The band are still a logical derivative of Esquivel done with contemporary technology. Strangely, over this time period the nostalgia hasn't aged and their approach has sharpened. Their older material doesn't sound dated, which proves that retro-futurism is never completely out of fashion. Buzzz ventures into slightly darker territory; it still hits you like a six-pack of fizzy vodka coolers but the rhythms are more purposeful, with the trademarked sassy orchestra hits displaying a scarier tone. At times, Buzzz is nearly a trip-hop record but dissolves in a flurry of disconnected percussion and angular vibraphones. Buzzz explores glitch lounge with a sure hand. Generally, the slower the tempos the more creepy and successful the party gets. (Independent)