Tipsy Uh-Oh!

After studying the album artwork for Asphodel’s latest release, it’s hard not to have a predetermined theme of Uh-Oh! painted in your mind. Images of dragonflies, supersonic ladybugs and a kitten playing with a flower petal lead the way to this duo’s cutesy brand of instrumental flavour. Earlier this year, Tipsy released the “Hard Petting” single, a joyful and upbeat little tune that was built around a slide-whistle, giving the impression that the two had a very playful vision of making records. That cut leads off the full-length record and the child-like beats continue until the very end. Uh-Oh! has some very lovely atmospheric rhythms, with offbeat samples sewn into the pattern for good measure. The overall result leaves one with the impression that this would make the perfect theme for a video game, cheesy ’70s game show or children’s cartoon about fairies and pixies. Even though this record can be here and there, as far as fondness for tracks goes, it succeeds in maintaining the listener’s interest as to what angle Tipsy will play next. On odd little effort, especially when the song titles could be mistaken for adult movies and the end result is more on the Fisher Price tip. (Asphodel)