Tim Lee and the Revelators with Mel Brown Tim Lee and the Revelators with Mel Brown

The only name you may recognise here is Mel Brown’s but that won’t stop you from enjoying how this single-minded little record lays back like a long swing in a cool hammock on a hot, breezy day. Tim Lee — as a guitarist and a vocalist — is all over the stylistic map and, indeed, this is his style. His Mel Brown fetish (and he’s not alone) is realised throughout the disc as Mel’s unique brand of country meets Memphis soul with hints of jazz and blues permeates the sound. But, like Mel, Lee doesn’t draw distinctions between genres, freeing him up to play what he enjoys, creating it in his own voice, aided by a simpatico crew of accomplished players. Harpist Chris “Junior” Malleck complements Lee’s skills perfectly and bassist Steve Toms and drummer Murray Campbell complete a tight band that mine a subtle groove that grows addictive with repeated listening. Mel contributes his dramatically underrated B3 and piano playing prowess to powerhouse, Stax-soaked tracks like “Cleo’s Back” and the up-tempo, jump blues of “Good Fine Lovin’” — as Lee’s ability to stretch out with tasteful solos shines throughout. “So Many Roads” — the disc’s brightest track — is a dark, brooding piece grafting Lee’s fluid, menacing slide guitar to Malleck’s ominous harp tone, while serving up Lee’s vocals at their best. An insightful first recording by a maverick with a unique new take on the blues. (Independent)