Thy Disease Neurotic World of Guilt

Eastern Europe is finally putting its foot in the door, hammering dents into the international metal scene, most noticeably with Polish thrashers quickly becoming world class. Bludgeoning drumming, quick time changes that resemble those of Decapitated, and off the wall electronics come to form a more refined Dimmu Borgir-esque metal. The electronics are reminiscent of Fear Factory during the more hurried chugs, but are also quick to descend into a pit of grandiose keyboard chords, and back into a faster, more melodic approach. It’s nice to see a band combining numerous influences instead of drawing directly from the Euro metal cookbook. Their riffs are meticulously crafted, precisely executed and noticeably more inspired than most. Although the electronics get a little cheesy at times, they use them eclectically. Having made the mistake of choosing awkward aliases that don't even sound remotely evil, Thy Disease may or may not be setting themselves up for ridicule from their colleagues. It's obvious English probably isn't their forte, so both the names and lyrics are forgivable. They excel in bizarre black metal and have accomplished a lot in a very short period of time. Thy Disease will certainly be making their mark on the international metal scene very soon. (Metal Mind)