Thurston Moore Joins Black Metal Band Twilight

Thurston Moore Joins Black Metal Band Twilight
Despite some newly detailed archival releases, the future of Sonic Youth is pretty up in the air, but that hasn't slowed down guitarist/vocalist Thurston Moore from exploring other musical ventures. Recently, the alt-rock icon has been dropping new tunes with Chelsea Light Moving, but he's added even more extracurricular activities. It's been announced Moore has also joined black metal supergroup Twilight.

A recent interview with Nachtmystium guitarist/vocalist Blake Judd confirmed that the Sonic Youth founder will perform with Judd, producer Sanford Parker, the Atlas Moth's Stavros Giannopoulos, Leviathan's Wrest, and Imperial from Krieg on Twilight's as-yet-untitled third LP. The album has yet to receive a release date, but is expected sometime this fall via Century Media.

Judging by Judd's comments to 1st Five [via Pitchfork], it seems as if nabbing Moore for the project was artistically satisfying. That said, Judd's pleasure is framed with a bizarrely money-conscious rationale.

"You know Century Media could offer us a hundred thousand dollars to make that Twilight record and say: 'Blake, you get 90 percent of that money but Thurston Moore's not gonna be on the record, or, you can be on it and we'll give you ten grand and that's what you have to make it work.' And I would, I would take the ten grand and work with Thurston. That's like how much I love Sonic Youth."

Apparently the collaboration had been a long time coming, with producer/performer Parker having previously asked Moore to participate. While Moore's schedule conflicted with Twilight's at the time, the stars have finally aligned for both parties.

"He was really interested in doing it and he's a big black metal fan," Judd had previously told Pitchfork. "Sanford had spoken to him when we were doing the last album about maybe getting involved. Timing wasn't right then, but he said he was super interested in doing something down the line."

Twilight's third LP, which follows 2010's Monuments to Time End, is apparently still being worked on, with Judd hoping he can rope in previous collaborator and former Isis member Aaron Turner, as well as Lichens' Rob Lowe and Malefic of Xasthur into the proceedings.

As for Judd's Nachtmystium, the group release their new LP Silencing Machine tomorrow (July 31) through Century Media.