Thunderheist "Drive In" (Drop the Limes B-Live Mix) (video)

Thunderheist 'Drive In' (Drop the Limes B-Live Mix) (video)
As we recently reported, Toronto-based electro duo Thunderheist are breaking up for good. But before they do, they're giving us one last video.

"'Drive In' was written in an apartment in Berlin, which we rented on our off days during our European tour last May," Thunderheist's Grahm Zilla says of the new video in an interview with Spinner. "Even though we are currently working on solo endeavours, we wanted to give out one of our last songs together for our super loyal fans."

As a result, Thunderheist roped in Drop the Limes to remix the track. Isis explains, "This song used to be a very sad song. And now it's a very happy song. It's a happy breakup song!"

You can watch the video for "Drive In" (Drop the Limes B-Live Mix) below.