Thunderheist to Take a Break in 2010 to Work on Solo Projects

Thunderheist to Take a Break in 2010 to Work on Solo Projects
Following a whirlwind year in 2009, electro-banging duo Thunderheist have announced that they'll be taking a break from the band in 2010. In a new blog post, the former Exclaim! cover stars explained that they'll be using the year to focus on solo material.

However, that's pretty much all their matter-of-fact MySpace blog had to say about the matter. "I'm sure most of you have heard these are the last run shows we are doing before we take a break from touring next year to work on solo projects," the band wrote. "We just want to say you guys have stuck with us for the whole three-year run - and we still can't believe it's been that long, and yet not that long."

The band won't be cutting things short without a bang though. Besides their aforementioned North American tour dates, the band also suggested they'll be heading to Australia around New Year's.

From there, the duo have made no definitive promises to return as Thunderheist, though they also didn't say anything about breaking up.

Tour dates:

10/24 Montreal, QC -€“ Ex-Centris
10/31 Calgary, AB -€“ Theater Junction
11/13 Los Angeles, CA -€“ The Echo

11/14 San Francisco, CA -€“ 333 Ritch

11/17 Portland, OR -€“ Rotture

11/18 Bellingham, WA -€“ The Wild Buffalo

11/19 Seattle, WA -€“ Chop Suey

11/20 Vancouver, BC -€“ Biltmore Cabaret

11/21 Victoria, BC -€“ Sugar Nightclub

12/3 Toronto, ON -€“ The Mod Club