Thom Yorke's Son Noah Enters His 'In Rainbows' Era on New Single

"Return Again (If I Wait)" comes from the upcoming 'Cerebral Key' EP

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 12, 2023

We've already remarked that Thom Yorke's son Noah Yorke is a musician whose work bears some distinct similarities to his dad's band. That's certainly true of his new single, "Return Again (If I Wait)," which is very pretty and In Rainbows-esque.

The song begins with closely interlocking arpeggios (arpeggi, if you will), turning into an acoustic rocker that goes full "Weird Fishes" a minute in, as the arrangement expands with reverb and layers of guitar.

Yorke's falsetto moan really drives home the unmistakable comparisons to you-know-who. As the arrangement takes on a more straightforward surge at points during the second half of the song, the jigsaw really falls into place.

Hear "Return Again (If I Wait)" below. The song comes from Yorke's upcoming EP, Cerebral Key, on sly-tone Records. The EP's title track came out back in August.

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