Third Sight Symbionese Liberation Album

Third Sight are a three-man crew made up of MC Jihad, producer Dufunk and producer/DJ D-Styles (Invisbl Skratch Piklz). With two records already under their belt, Third Sight are up and running with their next release. Jihad’s lyrical style is a style all of its own, plugging along like an organic freestyle, speeding up and slowing down to match the beat, but with an old school vibe that’s filled with lots of references and a mix of unpredictable flows. The beats on the album tend to be on the darker side and are more inspired by aggressive hip-hop groups like Public Enemy. So with all of that mixed together with D-Styles, you’ve got a sound that might be something new for your ear. Since Jihad’s style is so loose and playful it might be interesting to hear some more up-tempo, funkier beats, but fans of groups like Dilated Peoples and Non-Phixion, who appreciate their hip-hop a little Darker, will want to check this out for sure. (All Tomorrow's Parties)