Third Sight Symbionese Liberation Album

Anyone who chooses Jihad as an MC alias is twisted. You’d expect his rhymes to be hostile, to explode and shake the foundation of civilised cultures. In reality, he just rhymes words at the same pace on nearly every track. The combination is so abstract it often annoys, only briefly snatching your attention with a rhyme like "constipation is futile” or "unlock the bowels of your species/I’m like Metamucil.” The novelty is fleeting. But it’s the ’70s-style funky beats that burst, as on the opener "Hypothermia.” If you take your rap monotonous, with a mind-numbingly repetitive rhyme flow and beats that lose their thrust shortly after beginning, get this. The real shame is that occasionally DJ Dufunk and D-Styles of the former Invisbl Skratch Piklz drop a great beat so bleak you wish they found a new MC. In the end, Jihad’s tendency to cram 300 X-rated, potty mouth bars into each song obscures his dopest rhymes and makes the wack ones hard to ignore. (Seville)