The Strumbellas Are Back to Show Us Their "Greatest Enemy"

Watch a video for the Canadian band's latest single
The Strumbellas Are Back to Show Us Their 'Greatest Enemy'
Like pretty much everyone, the Strumbellas didn't exactly have the best of times in 2020. But the Canadian band are now regrouping and returning with some new music. The outfit have just released their new single "Greatest Enemy," and it's arrived via a video.

The clip was created by Toronto-based animator Luca Tarantini, whose video follows the story of a person battling their inner demon as they traverse through a vibrant and perilous landscape.

You can watch the video for "Greatest Enemy" play out for yourself below.

"This song is something to let you know that you're not alone, and that there are others who struggle, so don't give up," explained singer Simon Ward. "It's about recognizing that you're more than the adversities you face."

The Strumbellas' most recent album remains 2019's Rattlesnake, though with the arrival of this new single, perhaps a follow-up is on the way.