The Spits Examine the Modern World Through a Punk Rock Lens on 'VI'

BY Sarah MorrisonPublished Oct 27, 2020

After a long nine-year hiatus, The Spits have returned with thrashing, ragged mid-tempo mayhem on their highly anticipated new album, VI.

This series of quick classic punk tracks has been drenched in a much heavier fuzz distortion than heard on past releases, ultimately giving the album a much fuller sound. The group has continued with their exploration of keys and sound effects, specifically heard on "Cop Kar," "Lose My Mind" and "Wurms." With these notable additions comes an authentic atmosphere shift, transporting you to the days of catastrophic mosh pits.

The album artwork and song titles exemplify the band's thoughts on the reality of the current climate — not just seen in America, but through the impressions of those around the globe. It's no secret that, while simplistic and to-the-point, these songs take on a strong message for themselves. With so much to express in just 17 minutes, the Spits' anger, pain, stress and frustration powers a wind-up of rage.

VI is an ode to the roots of punk-rock — stripped back and exposed to its purest form. There are crippling moments of nostalgia and definite growth since the Spits' debut self-titled album. It's a perfect homage without even trying.
(Thriftstore Records)

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