The Shuvs

Can't Find Love

BY Alexander HarrisPublished Nov 16, 2016

The Shuvs, formed in 2013 and independent to this day, inject soul into Toronto's DIY movement. Their first full-length LP, Can't Find Love, shows just how far a grounded work ethic, combined with solid band chemistry, can go.
The band shine when vocalist Laura Anderson takes the lead, as on the opening/title track "Can't Find Love." From there, the album rarely wavers from its steady rhythm, seemingly riding a breeze through to the final track. Vocal contrasts between Anderson and guitarist Rob Nicholls provide enough variation to keep things intriguing.
The album's instrumentation is tucked neatly behind the band's lyrics, which are full of nostalgic and lighthearted themes, as heard on "Rich Cousins." "Already Left" exemplifies how a simple guitar slide can make all the difference in the world. The record's feel is pure soul groove, aided by a touch of Motown, folk and a dash of jangly guitar.
In contrast to the overwhelmingly anxious music of today, Can't Find Love comes across as completely carefree. Listeners will find themselves coming around for another listen just to keep the feeling going —exactly what a lot of people could use in this era of constant restlessness.

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