​The New Deal to Preview New Material at Toronto Show

​The New Deal to Preview New Material at Toronto Show
After officially breaking up in 2011, electronic Toronto trio the New Deal reformed and released their first album in over a decade, Mercury Switch, last year. Showing no signs of slowing down, the reunited band have just unveiled plans to debut new material at an upcoming show.
The band will play Toronto's Adelaide Hall on May 6, and fans in attendance will get to hear what the three-piece have been up to in the studio since last year's release. According to a press release, the New Deal have been hard at work, laying down the groundwork for 15 new tracks.
Bassist Dan Kurtz explained that the band have been pushing their sonic boundaries and experimenting with new sounds, styles and arrangements — all the while maintaining the delicate balance between what can be achieved during live shows and recording sessions.
"We're listening back to the board tapes of all the shows and finding the parts, even if they're just a couple of seconds long, that sound the most inspiring and then building studio recordings around them," he said in a statement. "In some cases we'll glue a bit from one show in one city to another completely unrelated piece from another town, and create something we'd never have come up with in either just a live or just a studio setting."
Keyboardist Jamie Shields added:

I think we've come up with a way to take the best from both the live and studio worlds and make something that's going to have the energy of a live show, but shaped in a way we could only do in the studio. The New Deal has always been about development. When we're performing on stage our goal is always to create a fresh musical idea and see in real-time how we can develop it — melodically, harmonically and structurally. Because we approach every show with an improvisational mindset, we know that every night brings a different concert, a different vibe and a different audience experience. Even with all those variables, it always ends up sounding like a New Deal show: exciting, driving and incredibly danceable!
For the upcoming hometown show, Kurtz and Shields will be joined on drums by their newest member, Joel Stouffer of Dragonette.
Tickets for the May 6 show are currently on pre-sale here. They will go on sale to the general public this Friday (March 31) at 12 p.m. EDT.