The Melvins Unearth Collaborative Album with godheadSilo's Mike Kunka

The Melvins Unearth Collaborative Album with godheadSilo's Mike Kunka
As is often the case, prolific sludge titans the Melvins are back with a new album. Well, sort of.

As guitarist King Buzzo and drummer Dale Crover had told Exclaim! last year, the latest effort from the long-running crew is a collaborative set with godheadSilo's Mike Kunka. After first setting to work on the record in the late '90s, the collaborative effort will finally come out of the incubator as Mike and the Melvins' Three Men and a Baby on April 1 via Sub Pop.

A press release explains that work on the album began around 1998, when godheadSilo went on hiatus, and Kunka tagged along on a Melvins tour. The trip had them plotting out a collaborative effort for Sub Pop, which began to be tracked by producer Tim Green (the Fucking Champs) at San Francisco's Louder Studios in 1999.

While the sessions got off to a good start, a series of apparently unfortunate events derailed the project. Afflictions apparently included "shocking and poorly-timed gear theft," "a scorching case of whooping cough," "lots of surgery" and "some 'junior-high level bullshit.'"

In 2015, Melvins' late '90s lineup of King Buzzo, Crover (drums/vocals) and Kevin Rutmanis (bass/vocals) got back together with vocalist/bassist Kunka to finish the material, which was completed at Sound of Sirens with Toshi Kasai. Three Men and a Baby is described as hosting everything from "noise-rock churn to a Public Image Ltd. song to cough-syrup blues to deconstructed black metal." It's added that in addition to the expected attack of the Melvins, Kunka's "bass crunch and vocals are all over it."

Buzzo had previously told Exclaim! of the rediscovered crush of cuts: "Honestly, I didn't remember writing some of the songs at all. I know I wrote a lot of them, but I don't remember at all writing [some of] them."

Down below, you'll find a stream of the set's "Chicken 'n' Dump," as well as the tracklisting to Three Men and a Baby and the full Exclaim! TV interview about the project.

Three Men and a Baby:

1. Chicken 'n' Dump
2. Limited Teeth
3. Bummer Conversation
4. Annalisa
5. A Dead Pile of Worthless Junk
6. Read the Label (It's Chili)
7. Dead Canaries
8. Pound the Giants
9. A Friend in Need is a Friend You Don't Need
10. Lifestyle Hammer
11. Gravel
12. Art School Fight Song