The Melvins "Carol of the Bells"

The Melvins 'Carol of the Bells'
With just under a month left until Christmas, many remain unsure of how they'll survive the onslaught of holiday music everywhere they go this time of year. If you're not in search of good tidings just yet, the Melvins have you covered with their interpretation of holiday classic "Carol of the Bells."

As part of Amazon Music's Indie for the Holidays compilation, the band have delivered an incrediblly scary version of the well-known tune that sounds more fit for a holiday such as Halloween. As King Buzzo told Stereogum, "The song has scared us since we were children, that's why we wanted to do it."

If you're looking for something to get the Melvins fan on your Christmas list, the band reissued their '90s-era major label albums earlier this year. Hear the band's rendition of "Carol of the Bells" in the player below.