The KLF Are Making a Pyramid Out of Dead People

The KLF Are Making a Pyramid Out of Dead People
Never ones to be short on wild ideas, the KLF are constructing what's being called a "The People's Pyramid," which is literally being made out of dead people — specifically their ashes.

Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty of the reunited U.K. avant-garde electronic project (now going as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu) outlined their plans for an event called "The Toxteth Day of the Dead" via a new website, explaining that the "The People's Pyramid" will be constructed from 34,592 bricks, each of which will contain the ash of a dead person.

The site further explains, "The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu are building a pyramid. The pyramid will be constructed of 34,592 bricks. Each brick in the pyramid will contain the ash of a dead person. This process is called MuMufication."

Elaborating on this so-called MuMufication, the site explains it is "the process whereby 23 grams of an individual's ashes are fired in a brick (a Brick of Mu) and for this brick to become one of the 34,592 bricks of the People's Pyramid."

Drummond and Cauty will be holding "The Toxteth Day of the Dead" on November 23 in the U.K. town of Toxteth, Liverpool, with Drummond and Cauty also hosting a reception in Toxteth Town Hall. Locals get in for free, but all others must have a supermarket shopping cart if they wish to enter. It apparently will be an annual event going forward.

"On each Toxteth Day of the Dead, bricks MuMufied in the previous twelve months will be laid by The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu or their representatives on the growing People's Pyramid," the site explains. "That is until the last of the 34,592 bricks has been laid and the People's Pyramid is built."

For further details on the seriously wild art event and how to sign up for MuMufication, you can head over to the event's very detailed website.

Keep in mind that the price for MuMufication varies greatly depending on your age, with those over 80 being able to sign up for just 99p and those under 23 having to pay £9.99. There's even some Black Friday deals to be had if you're the sort of person who loves a bargain.