The Jesus and Mary Chain 'Damage and Joy' (album stream)

The Jesus and Mary Chain 'Damage and Joy' (album stream)
The Jesus and Mary Chain are officially back. As promised, Damage and Joy — their first new album since 1998's Munki — has arrived for all the hear.

Recently speaking to Exclaim!, JAMC's Jim Reid said, "The weird thing is that it doesn't feel like it's been such a long time to me. But it is. It's been 19 bloody years! There are people that come and see us now who weren't born when Munki came out. It's a strange thing."

And while Damage and Joy took almost two decades to arrive, Reid said this about a follow-up: "We could do another album next week if we wanted to. The plan is to put this record out and if it does reasonably well, and it seems like people want more, we will do another one quite quickly. The reason for that really is that we were so worried what it would be like in the studio making Damage and Joy, that the fact that it went painlessly as it did made us feel good about it. We were worried about nothing and perhaps we can do more."

For now, though, Damage and Joy is out now through ADA/Warner. Read our newly published Timeline on the group here, as well as our review of the album here.

You can also see their upcoming North American tour dates here.