The Get Up Kids


BY Eva ZhuPublished May 7, 2019

Problems is the first full-length album the Get Up Kids have put out in eight years, and to the surprise of no one, they've still got it. It sounds just as great as some of their older albums, reminding us why this band are still one of the greatest emo/alternative acts to come out of the '90s.
Problems opens with "Satellites," a headbanger that opens with soft acoustic guitar before kicking into an anthemic chorus that's reminiscent of '90s pop punk. Lyrics about feeling anxious and isolated even in a crowded room are instantly relatable.
"Salina" and "Fairweather Friends" are absolute standouts; the guitar work is flawless, a fuzzy bass line is warm and inviting and pairs perfectly with the bright guitar riffs — the interlude is utterly magnificent.
The band even make singing about death anthemic. The bells and driving drum fills on "Your Ghost Is Gone" keep it from being a depressing closing track. However, you might still cry.
The Get Up Kids have a talent for writing catchy and infectious hooks and choruses and it's what has kept them on the map for over two decades. Both old and newer fans will find songs they enjoy and hopefully never stop listening to on Problems.
(Dine Alone)

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