The Game Offers Kanye West a $10 Million Investment

The Game Offers Kanye West a $10 Million Investment
Kanye West's disastrous album roll-out for The Life of Pablo has included a great deal of ridiculous Twitter drama. Along with a shitty Bill Cosby tweet, Ye has made the conversation about money, claiming to be $53 million USD in debt. Now, Compton rapper the Game has offered to invest approximately one fifth of that amount in Kanye's business ventures.

In a series of tweets, Kanye has since clarified that his debt comes from the many fashion, music and other projects he's developed with his Donda company:

While no fashion house has stepped up to the plate with that many stacks just yet, the Game has offered to contribute $10 million to Kanye West's big money pot. However, the investment comes with a caveat — in order to get the cash, Kanye has to go skydiving in Dubai with the Game tomorrow (February 18).

Read the Game's tweets about the matter below.

Did the Game just invent the best business negotiation technique ever?