The Frightnrs

Nothing More to Say

BY Kyle MullinPublished Sep 2, 2016

Their album may be called Nothing More to Say, but no one in their right mind would want the Frightnrs to keep quiet.
The band's new LP is a thrilling trip down memory lane. "All My Tears," with its richly ringing steel drum, is an undeniably catchy way to start the album off, harkening back to the height of rock steady, when the Wailers donned sharp suits for their black and white photos.

That authentically yesteryear vibe is a welcome mainstay throughout the LP. "Trouble in Here," for instance, sounds like an impromptu backyard porch jam session some untold decades ago, what with its warbling harmonica and the gospel-infused harmonising on the chorus. "Dispute," meanwhile, has forebodingly plodding piano notes that chillingly pair with singer Dan Klein's high pitched, swaying vocals, which are occasionally punctuated by an even more haunting echo effect.
The lyrical content of midway track "Purple" is equally as dire as the tone of "Dispute," as Klein sings about disaster and his struggle to save all his nickels. The song's tone is upbeat and playful though, making it a fun, soothing listen made all the more dynamic by Klein's dark lyrics. This mining of the best of days gone by, without falling blindly into nostalgia, makes the Frightnrs' approach a perfect fit for Daptone's retro roster.

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