The Atlas Moth Coma Noir

The Atlas Moth Coma Noir
The Atlas Moth have created a unique approach to doom metal across their first three records, blending elements of noise rock, black metal and psychedelic rock. On the band's latest offering, Coma Noir, they draw more focus to the atmospheric black metal side of their sludgy sound and capture the overall vibe they've been striving for since their debut.
The band balance their many stylings delicately, grounding themselves in blackened-doom coloured with elements of various genres. Tracks such as opener "Coma Noir" or "The Streets of Bombay" are driven by crushing, down low riffs in the vein of post-metal veterans Neurosis or Isis, but are made even more intriguing through black metal shrieks and spacey synths.
The Atlas Moth dive into noise rock territory on the fuzzed-out "Smiling Knife," offering a diverse range of screams and clean vocals across the track. While psychedelic elements are found across most of the record, the band go their deepest into this territory on closing song "Chloroform," a trippy, synth-heavy track that captures the dark essence of the entire record.
While many doom metal bands create albums that drone on for a little longer than they should, the Atlas Moth have crafted an engaging and diverse record with Coma Noir. For a band with such a one-of-a-kind sound, it's quite the achievement to evolve while remaining true to themselves. (Prosthetic)