The Black Dahlia Murder Detail New Album 'Servitude'

Their first venture since the death of vocalist Trevor Strnad

Photo: Marshall Wieczorek

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jun 13, 2024

After light-heartedly teasing that something was coming, the Black Dahlia Murder have unveiled their first effort since Trevor Strnad's passing. With rhythm guitarist Brian Eschbach's move to lead vocals, the melodeath vets will release Servitude on September 27 via Metal Blade Records.

"Everyone that's in the band now is someone that Trevor and I searched for," Eschbach said of carrying on Strnad's spirit. "We spent so much time on the road together that everyone understands the mission statement. We don't really need to talk about it. We just need to make great music and try to make people happy playing it."

Leading the record is "Aftermath," a track evoking visions of the apocalypse and the people left behind to be eaten by cannibals. The music video follows this narrative while flashing between the band performing. Watch it, then check out the tracklist for Servitude below. 


1.  Evening Ephemeral
2.  Panic Hysteric
3.  Aftermath
4.  Cursed Creator
5.  An Intermission
6.  Asserting Dominion
7.  Servitude
8.  Mammoth's Hand
9.  Transcosmic Blueprint
10.  Utopia Black

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