50 Cent Unleashed the Beast That Is Ed Sheeran on Stage in London

"Who likes 'In Da Club'? Here's 'Shape of You'!"

Photo: Gwendolyn Lee

BY Nika Petrosian Published Nov 22, 2023

50 Cent unleashed a terrifying monster during his concert last night in London, UK. When an ominous-looking box appeared on stage during his "The Final Lap" show at the O2 Stadium with text that read "There is a monster inside this box," fans didn't know what — or whom — to expect.

For such a foreboding message, surely one would assume it contained someone (or something) of unimaginable horrors. However, when the box eventually lifted, the audience was faced with the lethal, most powerful, most menacing force of pop music today: Ed Sheeran.

The singer was immediately greeted with applause, but without even giving fans a chance to recover and get back on their feet again, Sheeran delivered his most devastating blow: "The Shape of You." The artist sang his 2017 smash hit to an ecstatic audience while 50 Cent sang along, sometimes ad-libbing lyrics.

According to Rolling Stone, Sheeran documented the entire night leading up to his cameo on his Instagram story, saying in the first post, "50 Cent has invited me to the O2 to sing 'Shape of You.' And I'm going to walk on stage and say, Who likes 'In Da Club'? Here's 'Shape of You'!"

We've used up all of our 21 questions trying to figure out the decision-making process behind this cameo — as Rolling Stone pointed out, Sheeran and 50 Cent didn't even sing their one collaborative song together, "Remember the Name."

Regardless, the duo killed it. Watch a clip from his performance below.

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