Cradle of Filth and Ed Sheeran Still Want to Collaborate, Are "Currently Looking at Some Options"

"Ed's expressed a desire to be part of a song, and we're currently looking at some options"

Photo: Cradle of Filth by Susan Moss (left)

BY Kaelen BellPublished Feb 16, 2022

Back in the summer of 2021, the stars aligned and finally provided the news that everyone across the globe had been waiting for with bated breath: Cradle of Filth and Ed Sheeran were planning to collaborate

And today, some new celestial event has occurred and spit forth an update: Cradle of Filth and Ed Sheeran are still planning to collaborate. 

In an interview with Consequence, Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth has provided some vague news on the Cradle of Sheeran (Sheeran of Filth?) front, saying that the pop star has been in touch with the band and that they're currently "looking at some options."

"Ed's expressed a desire to be part of a song, and we're currently looking at some options, and that's about as far as it's got," Dani told us in the video clip above. "He did invite me up to his house — he doesn't live very far from me, probably 18 to 20 miles from where I live."

He continued: "The thing that interests me, if we would undertake [the collaboration], the juxtaposition between what we do and what he does. I think it's a bit of a challenge to undertake."

He added, "I've really favoured that of late. I've done a guest spot with Bring Me the Horizon, the 69 Eyes, and, more recently, Twiztid, as well. And, on each of those occasions, I've had people say to me … 'That's not going to work. That's going to be really weird' … and people saying that means I'll just do the opposite."

This collaboration will either permanently destroy what little connection we as a species have left with a higher power or bring the world together, finally, in peace. Or it might just be kinda funny. We'll see! 

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