Texas Terri Bomb! Your Lips… My Ass!

Leaving the Stiff Ones behind, Texas Terri has regrouped this time around with a superstar line up consisting of: Wayne Kramer (MC5), Sonny Vincent (the Testors), Ryan Roxie (the Alice Cooper Band), Marc Diamond (the Dwarves,) and Dave Teague (the Dickies). Although Your Lips…My Ass! is a searing raw rock record, the promise of it saving the state of rock’n’roll comes a little late thanks to Turbonegro, the new gods of thunder. Regardless, tracks like "Never Shut Up,” "Strike Three,” "Raunch City,” and "Mafia” tear every female-fronted band out there today to shreds and would make Wendy O’Williams sneer in her grave with ecstasy. Additionally, Texas Terri is conscious of the fact that any tribute to the raw energy of rock’n’roll should possess a Thin Lizzy or an Iggy Pop cover, and she does exactly that with pride and ease. So dig out the denim, the leather, crack open the Jack Daniels, and turn the stereo up to 11 because Texas Terri has come to rock hard. (TKO)