Tetema "Tenz" (video)

Tetema 'Tenz' (video)
Tetema, the new project between Faith No More's Mike Patton and Anthony Pateras, didn't give up any new music when they first announced their Geocidal debut in September. With the album just a couple weeks away from its December 9 due date through Ipecac Recordings, the project has unfurled a kaleidoscopic arrangement of visuals behind "Tenz."

Directed by Sabina Maselli, the video was first shot digitally, then transferred to 16mm film, and then transferred back to digital. The procedure lends an ethereal, washed-out quality to the shots, whether of fragile outdoor scenes or the frantic blur that hovers between a circle of friends. The vaseline-slathered images pair nicely with the track's bossa nova beat, harp sounds and delicately finger-picked guitars.

You'll see the colourful collusion of sound and vision down below.