Mike Patton Teams Up with Anthony Pateras for New Album as Tetema

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 10, 2020

Not only has Mike Patton resurrected his old band Faith No More, he also has another album coming out with another project. This new band is called Tetema, and it's a duo with Aussie pianist and composer Anthony Pateras. Their album Geocidal will drop on December 9 via Ipecac Recordings.

Pateras explained the origins of the project in a press release, saying, "Geocidal started when I locked myself in a convent in rural France for 10 days to think about rhythm and sound."

From there, he recorded drums and prepared piano in Paris, later adding electronics and orchestrations. Eventually, he went to San Francisco earlier this year to record vocals with Patton.

All of the parts are played live without samples, and every element of the record was recorded in a different city.

Pateras said this about the unique process: "This is not a Luddite manifesto, it was more a desire to base everything in this music on feel and instinct — to never be told what to do by a machine and embrace the temporal fecundity which comes out of that."

That's the album cover above. No music from the collection has been shared as of yet but, according to Pateras, it's "very, very special."

Meanwhile, Faith No More will release the 7-inch single "Motherfucker" on vinyl on November 28 and digitally on December 9 as part of Record Store Day's Black Friday event. A new full-length is expected for 2015.

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