TesseracT "Smile"

TesseracT 'Smile'
TesseracT are at work on the follow up to 2015's Polaris, but ahead of any concrete details, the English metal outfit have returned with a new tune in "Smile."

"Lyrically 'Smile' carries a strong and forward sense of irony as we explore and darkest side of the human condition," vocalist Daniel Tompkins explained in a statement. "The song will witness the manifestation of an 'entity'. Consciousness survives through constant manipulation only to propagate pessimism and hopelessness. Our entity observes, consumes and evolves, bearing witness to human existence, mimicking our presence in colossal form."

"We chose this track as although it is part of a greater theme, and is in fact towards the end of a story arc, it stands alone very well," bassist Amos Williams added. "We have a solid idea of where we would like to take this track on the next album as it is in no way finished. It is merely one step in a journey."

Take in "Smile" in the player below.