Tennis Blast Hotel Chain for Allegedly Stealing Their Music

Tennis Blast Hotel Chain for Allegedly Stealing Their Music
The next time indie pop-rock duo Tennis go travelling, they probably won't be staying at the Marmara. That's because the Turkish hotel chain allegedly screwed the band in a licensing deal.

The band posted a string of tweets about the matter this afternoon (April 30). According to them, they licensed a song to the hotel chain and it was used in a commercial, but now the folks at Marmara are refusing to pay.

Tennis pointed out that song licensing is how they make most of their money. Despite using a lawyer and signing a contract, the only way for them to force the Marmara to pay them would be to launch an expensive lawsuit. Sadly, this puts their song "Never Work for Free" into rather harsh perspective.

Read the tweets below. At the bottom of the page, see the offending French-language commercial that uses the band's blogosphere hit "Marathon." The Marmara is a chain of luxury hotels with a handful of locations in Turkey. There's also a single North American location: the Marmara Manhattan in New York. Ironically, the Marmara in Bodrum, Turkey, lists tennis as one of its amenities.

Meanwhile, Tennis are currently on tour in North America. See the dates here.