Telepathic Butterflies Songs From A Second Wave

Just seeing the words "Rainbow Quartz” on a CD pretty much means it is possible to anticipate the kind of music held within. So it really doesn’t come as a surprise that Songs From A Second Wave is another record crammed full of jangly nice pop songs that could be destined to get lost amongst their label’s somewhat homogenous roster. Thankfully that isn’t likely to happen to Winnipeg’s Telepathic Butterflies because the nice pop songs in question are exceptionally catchy and the whole album, their second for the label, just oozes quality. The production is better than its predecessors, but even more importantly, their songwriting has really taken a step forward, in particular on the opener "Bohemie,” although it is hard to single out just one song on such a well-rounded record. The three-piece band take a similar approach to their label-mates Myracle Brah, but adding a slightly more psychedelic spin to the proceedings, while retaining the wonderful vocal harmonies and nagging melodies. They’ve managed to get past most of the issues that made their earlier CDs not quite perfect and have made a really great power pop record that sounds like it could have come out any time in the last 30 years. Very good stuff indeed. (Rainbow Quartz)