Telepathic Butterflies Wow & Flutter!

Considering this is their fourth album in five years, the Telepathic Butterflies are one of the more reliable bands on the Rainbow Quartz roster. But at this point, the Winnipeg band don't have much in the way of new tricks up their sleeves; they've never strayed too far from their original path and that hasn't changed with Wow & Flutter! That isn't necessarily an insult, but it does mean there's nothing particularly surprising about the album, just ten decent slabs of power pop that could have quite easily come from their last album or even the one before. It is still, however, hard to argue with songs like opener "Circle Man" and "A Call To Arms," which hurtle along at a good rate while piling on the guitar hooks and vocal harmonies. There's an efficiency and workmanship about Wow & Flutter! that have to be admired, but the band need to do a little reinvention for album number five, as they're beginning to get a little stale. (Rainbow Quartz)