TEKE::TEKE Detail Debut Album 'Shirushi'

Watch a video for the Montreal group's new single "Meikyu"
TEKE::TEKE Detail Debut Album 'Shirushi'
Last November, Montreal-based J-rock fusion group TEKE::TEKE announced they had signed to Kill Rock Stars ahead of their debut album, Shirushi. The band have now revealed that Shirushi will be released on May 7.

Last year's single, "Kala Kala," will kick off the album, which will also include new single "Meikyu." True to the band's signature theatrical blend of psych, surf rock and traditional Japanese folk, "Meikyu" is a five-and-a-half-minute-long trip through a variety of sounds, led by Maya Kuroki's emphatic vocal stylings and culminating in a rousing surf jam punctuated by trombone and flute.

The accompanying music video is influenced by traditional kabuki imagery, with stark black-and-white imagery augmented by splashes of red. Said Kuroki in a press release, "The song tells the story of a young character trying to escape the grasp of a twisted spirit that took the form of a labyrinth-like mansion in a psychedelic atmosphere, slightly inspired by visuals from Japanese art-horror flick Hausu."

Watch the "Meikyu" video below.


1. Kala Kala
2. Yoru Ni
3. Dobugawa
4. Barbara
5. Kizashi
6. Kaminari
7. Sarabande
8. Meikyu
9. Tekagami

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