Tegan and Sara "Fool to Cry" (Rolling Stones cover)

Tegan and Sara 'Fool to Cry' (Rolling Stones cover)
Tegan and Sara may be gearing up for the January 29 release of their Heartthrob LP, but the sister duo also just dropped a new tune as part of the Girls - Volume 1: Music from the HBO Original Series soundtrack, which was released yesterday (January 8). Their contribution, which appears on the deluxe digital edition of the set, is a cover of the Rolling Stones' "Fool to Cry."

While the voices of the sisters Quin no doubt stand apart from Mick's original British quiverings on the Black and Blue ballad, the song plays it fairly straightforward with old-school organ runs and some fluttery fretwork running behind some impassioned coos. You can check out the redone ditty down below.