Teen Daze "Union" (ft. Frankie Rose)

Teen Daze 'Union' (ft. Frankie Rose)
Teen Daze recently announced his forthcoming The Inner Mansions LP, due out November 6 through Lefse Records. Now, the BC electro enthusiast has given us a taste of the disc in the form of the Frankie Rose-featuring "Union."

The synth-driven cut wraps a disco-dazzled pulse in a thick blanket of reverb. Rose contributes some vocals to the tune, but the whole thing is so sonically hazy that it's tough to tell exactly which voice is hers, and which belongs to that of Teen Daze main man Jamison. In any case, it's a promising preview of what the new collection has to offer.

The album is said to be a "spiritual and musical journey." Read more about it here.