Ted Leo & the Pharmacists "Even Heroes Have to Die"

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists 'Even Heroes Have to Die'
TRACK OF THE DAY: If you haven't already heard, perpetual touring machine Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have a new record, The Brutalist Bricks, out March 9 on Matador. It's been quite a while in the making, especially given the relatively disappointing Living With the Living back in 2007.

"Even Heroes Have to Die" has been floating around the Internet for a few months now, but after hearing the new record, it's safe to say that it, along with the rest of the album, is a return to form, harkening back to Leo's high water mark, Hearts of Oak.

The New Jersey native has yet to make a career-defining album, the one that takes him to the next creative level. But as long as he keeps penning tracks like this one, he's ensured a long and illustrious career in the eyes of his ever-expanding fan base.

Download "Even Heroes Have to Die" by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists here.