Tanika Charles "Soul Run"

Tanika Charles 'Soul Run'
Tanika Charles has honed her talents as a back-up singer for the likes of Bedouin Soundclash, Zaki Ibrahim and Emmanuel Jal, but she's ready to step back into the spotlight solo with a new album titled Soul Run in early 2016.
The new record will follow up her debut 2010 EP What! What? What!?, but before the full-length arrives, you can test run the new material with the title track.
"'Soul Run' is the story of being emotionally trapped, physically isolated and finding a way out, come hell or high water," Charles explained in a press release. "It's about getting out of a town too small, away from a relationship gone stale, with a just a smidgen of car theft thrown in for good measure (true story, but that's just between us)."
The song is as high-paced, suspenseful and exciting and as the tales of escape and crimes of passion make it sound, and you can hear it for yourself in the player below.