Talking Heads Serve Up 'Chronology' DVD

Talking Heads Serve Up 'Chronology' DVD
Without a doubt, art rockers Talking Heads are one of the most celebrated bands to come out of the CBGB's era, and a new DVD highlighting the group's live performances will hone in on those early club performances straight through to their induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.

Titled Chronology, the video collection gathers all sorts of footage from across the David Byrne-led band's career. Starting around the mid-'70s, the document delves into their back catalogue and goes until their commercial peak in the early '80s with a performance of "Burning Down the House" on their final tour in 1983. The set also contains a clip of them playing "Life During Wartime" at their reunion in 2002. You can check the details below.

Bonus features include commentary from all four members on the live clips, as well as an interview with Byrne from 1978. A limited-edition version of the DVD will contain a 48-page hardback book featuring photographs and an uncut version of an essay esteemed rock critic Lester Bangs wrote about the band for Village Voice in 1979.

Chronology comes out October 18 via Eagle Rock Entertainment.

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1. "Mic Test" (1976)

2. "With Our Love" (1975)

3. "I'm Not In Love" (1975)

4. "Psycho Killer" (1975)

5. "Intros Montage" (1976)

6. "The Girls Want To Be With The Girls" (1976)

7. "Don't Worry About The Government" (1978)

8. "Dressing room fan footage: Found A Job" (1978)

9. "Thank You For Sending Me An Angel" (1978)

10. "Warning Sign" (1978)

11. "Artists Only" (1979)

12. "Take Me To The River" (1979)

13. "Crosseyed And Painless" (1980)

14. "Animals" (1980)

15. "Love → Building On Fire" (1982)

16. "Cities" (1982)

17. "Burning Down The House" (1983)

18. "Life During Wartime" (2002)