Systema Solar

La Revancha del Burro

BY Bryon HayesPublished Oct 29, 2013

Systema Solar are billed as Columbia's most explosive live act, but this seven-piece ensemble aren't actually a band in the traditional sense. They're an audio-visual collective that, through their non-government organization (Intermundos) are focused on community empowerment and the free exchange of knowledge. Systema Solar are also a carnival waiting to happen, their energy-filled music an agglomeration of traditional champeta and cumbia with more modern song forms such as hip-hop and techno. Fittingly, they've even given their musical style a name: verbenautika, which is essentially a Columbian ghetto block party held around the globe. For sophomore release La Revancha del Burro, this group of artists/activists charge their hyper-kinetic music with political themes. "Machete" is a metaphorical clearing of their country from snakes such as Monsanto, while "La Rana" focuses on the forgotten scavenger class, who survive by recycling tossed out detritus. With La Revancha del Burro, Systema Solar are sharing their important message with the rest of the world.

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