System of a Down Fans "Scare the Shit" Out of Serj Tankian by Yelling "Chop Suey!" Lyrics in Public

Wake up!

Photo: Travis Shinn

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Oct 6, 2022

Serj Tankian has to hide the scars to fade away the shake-up he feels when System of a Down fans sneak up to yell "Chop Suey!" lyrics at him. The reason? They wanted to!

In a new interview with Revolver's Fan First podcast, Tankian explained that random people will "scare the shit" out of him in public by sneaking up behind him and yelling "Wake up!" As we're sure everyone can imagine, it must get old really quickly.

"People will scare the shit out of me when they yell 'Wake up' behind me like somewhere, wherever in public. 'Wake up!' I'm like fuck dude! Really? Wow! You know, I'm glad you're excited, but don't do that," explained Tankian.

A message for anyone who has done this to the poor guy while he's probably just trying to get his groceries or whatever: Why have you forsaken him? In your eyes, forsaken him? In your thoughts, forsaken him? In your heart, forsaken him? 

Also, we're also wondering if the AR version of Tankian you can invite into your home would jump if you snuck up behind him.

Watch the clip of Tankian explaining the situation, as well as the whole interview below.
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