Conclusion of an Age

BY Bill WhishPublished Feb 17, 2009

Amongst the glut of the current wave of metal bands lay Sylosis, a relatively new British act that have attracted the attention of Nuclear Blast with their debut album, Conclusion of an Age. Sounding very much like the overwhelming mass of young metal bands that dot the scene today, there isn't anything remarkably outstanding on display. Although their sound could be best compared to Unearth at most times, there are thankfully a few instances of straight-up old Metallica or Testament worship that will be quite apparent to the seasoned listener. Kudos should be given to the band, as they are still quite fresh and the musicianship on display on this debut is quite impressive. Sadly, the stagnant music that sounds so similar to legions of other bands in this day in age fails to make Conclusion of an Age a unique listen.
(Nuclear Blast)

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