Sworn Enemy Announce Trendkilla '09 Tour

Sworn Enemy Announce Trendkilla '09 Tour
Total World Domination is the name of the latest album by old school hardcore-meets-thrash metal meatheads Sworn Enemy. It's set to be released by Century Media on June 16 and naturally, the title lends itself incredibly well to the next phase of putting out new music: touring.

Still, these Brooklyn-based goons would rather call it the Trendkilla '09 tour - no accounting for taste - which comes back to North American shores on May 1 after a presumably wonderful European leg. It will be supported by bands cut from the same slab of beef, namely For The Fallen Dreams, ABACABB, Suffokate and Thick As Blood.

Guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci had this eloquent comment about the stint: "We are very excited about doing this upcoming headliner and it's been a long time since we've headlined North America. This Trendkilla line up is just as awesome... This will be a mosh explosion. We also cover the classic Blood For Blood song 'All Fucked Up' in our live show and that always gets the fists flying."

But wait. There's more, primarily how he waxes poetically about Total World Domination:

"This is also our test ground for playing the new songs off of our new album, Total World Domination, which is our hardest album yet. It's a good mix of As Real As It Gets and Maniacal, but fucking harder. I know everyone says that their new album is the best album yet and the fans are probably sick of hearing that but I must say this is a pretty fucking ignorant album."

You read it here first, kids.

Here are the Trendkilla dates:

5/1 Wilmington, DE - Harmony Grange
5/2 Fredericksburgh, VA - Armageddon Fest
5/3 Greensboro, NC - Club Rain
5/5 Charleston, SC - Weekend's Pub
5/6 Chatanooga, TN - Warehouse Venue
5/7 Tampa, FL - The Orpheum
5/8 Orlando, FL - Island Oasis
5/9 Pensacola, FL - American Legion
5/10 Columbus, GA - Gallery 13
5/12 Shreveport, LA - 516 Soundstage
5/15 Abilene, TX - The Key
5/16 Wichita Falls, TX - The Legion 169
5/17 Odessa, TX - Dos Amigos
5/18 El Paso, TX - Chics
5/20 Lancaster, CA - The Crossing
5/21 Fresno, CA - The Exit
5/22 Modesto, CA - Modesto Virtual
5/23 Pomona, CA - Spring Breakdown Fest
5/25 Flagstaff, AZ - Studio 111
5/27 Amarillo, TX - The War Legion
5/28 Claremore, OK - King of Club
5/29 Belton, MO - Cactus Jacks
5/30 Omaha, NE - T.O. Garcias
5/31 Buffalo, MN - The Vault
6/1 Madison, WI - The Journey
6/2 Detroit, MI - The Hayloft
6/3 Grand Rapids, MI - The Mixtape
6/5 Toledo, OH - Headliners
6/7 Toronto, ON - Reverb
6/9 Montreal, QC - The Underworld
6/10 Quebec City, QC - L'Anti
6/12 Bucksport, ME - The Kave