Swollen Members "Cock Blocker"

Swollen Members 'Cock Blocker'
Even more BaxWar goods have arrived off Swollen Members' upcoming Brand New Day, with the Vancouver rap troupe now unveiling their party-wreckin' "Cock Blocker."

Following a brief skit that has Madchild clumsily busting up a get-together, the MC jumps on a monster movie-styled beat of over-the-top faux brass as he drops baffling raps about intentional cock-blocking, raiding a mall to shoot up mannequins and Bengal tiger attacks. Prevail gets mean on his bars, promising to make mince meat of his foes, unless he chains them up and flushes them down the toilet first.

You can check out the shit-stirring new single down below. As previously reported, Brand New Day drops June 17 through Battleaxe Records.