Superjoint Ritual Use Once and Destroy

Superjoint Ritual has been a long-standing side project between Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo and Eyehategod guitarist Jimmy Bower, with a number of underground demos making the rounds in tape-trading circles since the mid-'90s. However, Use Once And Destroy is the band's first officially released recording, and it is definitely worth the wait, as this 16-song collection is a winner. With songs that reach back as far as 1989, the sound of the record is almost thrash metal-like at points, with drummer Joe Fazzio often keeping a steady beat interspersed with double-kick runs and short grind blasts. Since Bower is involved in the band, it's no secret that that classic Southern Eyehategod sound comes across in songs such as "Everyone Hates Everyone." After the disappointing Down record that was released earlier this year, Use Once And Destroy is just what the doctor ordered. Just don't do what the title asks, and make sure to keep playing it again and again and again. (Sanctuary)