Supergrass Launch Their Own Label

Supergrass Launch Their Own Label
Following 14 years of major label representation, Supergrass are going independent. The quirky UK rock act have announced they are leaving their long-time label home of Parlophone and will from now on put out all future release via their freshly launched imprint, Supergrass Records.

Bassist Mickey Quinn has been appointed the group's managing director and says the decision to part ways with Parlophone comes after witnessing "wastage" at the EMI affiliate, BBC 6 Music reports.

"We had a pretty good run with Parlophone when we were signed to them, but it's more a case that Parlophone has changed so much over the past year," Quinn told the BBC. "A lot of people seem to have left the company that were there for a long time that we respected."

Supergrass's departure follows a long list of other groups who have left EMI, including Radiohead, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones.

While discussing Supergrass Records, Quinn said the band are looking forward to the challenge of running a label. "When you're footing the bill you pull your horns in. In a lot of ways that makes you more creative," he said of the label, whose first release was the single "Rebel in You," which is out exclusively at

As previously reported, the band's Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey are also currently recording the debut album by their new Supergrass spinoff, Diamond Hoo Ha Men. There's no word yet on when that record is expected to be released or if it will be coming out via Supergrass Records.

Supergrass "Rebel in You" (live)