Super Furry Animals Hint at Return

Super Furry Animals Hint at Return
It has been a quiet few years for Super Furry Animals, as the Welsh rock band have been mostly inactive, but it looks as if things are going to change in 2015. Although nothing has officially been announced, some rumblings suggest that the band are planning a return.

This week, the group have posted a couple of teaser videos. On Tuesday (February 24) there was a shadowy clip with a snippet of "Teddy Bears' Picnic." This was followed yesterday by another vague video showing a truck getting loaded up, while the one posted today reveals exactly what they were loading: one of Super Furry Animals' giant inflatable bears, similar to the cartoon bear from the cover of 1997's Radiator.

The latest video is titled "Deffro'r arth o'i drwmgwsg." According to Google translate, that phrase is Welsh for "Woke from his slumber bear." They posted it on Twitter along with the hashtag #SFA2015.

Watch the videos below.

What all this means is unclear. Perhaps the band will be touring or recording the follow-up to 2009's Dark Days/Light Years, or maybe they've got some reissues in the works. In any case, it seems safe to assume that we'll be hearing more from Super Furry Animals before too long.

Frontman Gruff Rhys has been very busy in the band's absence, as he's released a couple of solo albums and started a new project called the Bottletop Band with members of the Libertines and Arctic Monkeys.